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Thank you for your interested in advertising your business on!

Green Business Advertising

Are you looking to gain attention to your organic, fair trade, natural, vegan or earth-friendly product or service? can help increase your website exposure within the US & Canada via product reviews, banner and text link advertising through-out our website. Advertising Benefits

  • Drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Cost-effective web advertising
  • Build a stronger brand

The website offer’s advertisers several banner/button sizes:

  • 468 x 60 header banner
  • 125 x 125 sidebar button
  • 160 x 300 sidebar button

The website offer’s advertisers several text link options:

  • Coupon code on the Eco-Friendly Coupon$ page (FREE)
  • Footer text link up to 3 words

For additional information and advertising rates, please email with your name, email address, business name, and website url.

Eco Product Reviews

If you work in PR, are a manufacturer, or online store owner looking to create a product Buzz, I welcome and consider all pitches for products my readers would be interested in. This means only products that are “green”, eco-friendly, organic, or sustainably created will be considered.

  • Product Reviews: To have a product reviewed on Go Green Street, a full-sized, new and non-returnable sample of the product is necessary. Along with your product samples, you may send press kits, high resolution photos or any pertinent information including videos relating to the product or company, that can be used in the product review.
  • Same Item Giveaway: Product Giveaways are strongly suggested to accommodate reviews, yet not required. Sponsoring a giveaway (contest for same item reviewed) is the best way to gain traffic and exposure to your site and the products within. It also provides you with valuable consumer feedback and increases your company/product social media attention.

For additional information on product reviews, please email with your name, email address, contact phone, business name, website url, and your pitch or just use the form below.

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