A Greener Future With the Electric Car

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For years we have been looking for a greener way to get from A to B, a way that wont destroy our planet like the fuel burning vehicles we drive today and scientists say that way is the electric car.The electric car seems to be getting more and more spotlight and developers say they’re getting closer to having an all use electric car ready for mass production.

I must say it fascinates me, but weather I see us all whizzing round in plug in cars within the near future I really don’t know.

Looking at pictures of the Tesla Roadster (An Electric Supercar) the entire thing seemed to remind me of something from some 80’s futuristic movie.

Id love to go that one step greener and do my part for the environment and id love to have a shiny electric car! But I really don’t think that the current cars in production are in anyway at the level they need to be for anybody to start taking them seriously, I’m not saying they won’t get there, I believe they’re well on they’re way! But in no way are they yet up to necessary standards.

This really caught my eye!

The Tesla Roadster is the supercar of the greener world. Upon seeing the Tesla the first thing that came into my head was “wow, where do I go to buy one?”

The supercar has a top speed of 125 miles per hour, not exactly what most would call a supercar, but as the fastest electric car to date it’s definitely progress. It dose 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and its expected range (based on standard city conditions) is 236 miles.

That’s where it all starts to come apart, 236 miles is not far at all and that’s accounting for traffic conditions, motorways and such are bound to massively decrease the time the car is willing to travel per charge . For some one simply travelling small journeys to work and school runs etc, then that would not be a major problem, but for any one wanting to travel long distance then the range on the vehicle is a major speed bump.

This part I do like, the cost per charge is VERY LITTLE and is dramatically cheaper than today’s fuel, but the downside is that it takes 3.5 hours to charge, of course there are convenient times such as overnight charging, but again for anyone wanting to travel a long distance journey stop times are going to be quite long.

Then there is the price, the Tesla costs £86,950 (or $101,500) which is round about what the average person makes over 3 years, so buying a Tesla is off the table for the majority.

If you were to spend that much on a new car, you would expect it to be just that “A Supercar” but when you weigh it up, the Tesla is not and you would need another car that can be used for day to day journeys.

Tesla’s website says “most buy a Tesla roadster as a weekend car” personally I think that’s insane.

But the problem you have is down from the Tesla, electric cars become even less practical and performance drops greatly.

On some of the standard electric cars that normal people have a chance of affording, charge times are nearly doubled and run times halved.

Another issue is, while electric cars are not topped up using fuel and claim to be a greener way of travelling, a large potion of our power plants are coal powered, so what this means is we are basically running round in a big circle. Statistics are showing that the coal burnt powering the electric car is doing us less damage than the fuel burnt powering a normal car, but I think in 20 years time science will show the electric car is having the same lethal affect as the cars we have today.

For any one interested in watching a top gear review of the Tesla Roadster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2jv39qUXeA

So personally I don’t think I’ll be running out to buy an electric car any time soon and I don’t think they’re going to work out like we’d hoped, but I will be keeping an eye on they’re progress. What do you think… is the electric car really taking us on to a greener way of living?

Author Bio: Ant Bradshaw works for AskAPrice.com who provide new car prices.

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