5 Ways to Green Your Day

by admin

With the New Year here many people are looking for ways to go green and ways to help current environmental issues. Going green does not mean running out to purchase solar panels, spending a small fortune on eco-friendly products,  or even driving a hybrid car. Living green is no where near as hard as some think; in fact small green steps help toward the big picture. Imagine the environmental impact of everyone taking simple steps to greener living daily!

Here are 5 simple ways you can make your day greener!

  1. Use cloth napkins. Americans use an average of 2,200 disposable paper napkins per person per year. Instead of reaching for disposable napkins, invest a few dollars into cloth napkins that can be reused! It’s cheaper to wash cloth napkins than to buy paper ones.
  2. Clean your lint filter. When you load the dryer today, be sure to clean the lint filter. It will reduce fire hazard, increase dryer efficiency, and save you “green” (money).
  3. Pay bills online. Have bills due? Instead of using a stamp and envelope, pay your bills online. If all U.S. households viewed and paid bills online, we’d save 18.5 million trees and up to $148 per year on stamps.
  4. Get some exercise! Instead of driving every where, do your health and environment a favor by opting to walk or ride a bike.
  5. Check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires help increase gas mileage and reduces CO2 in the air.

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