5 Ways to go Green with Your Baby

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how-to-green-baby-4525472These past couple years we’ve been hearing about our endangered planet more than ever. Since then, new and more fuel efficient cars have been created, recycling has become more of a habit and people making better choices in general has helped. Every person on this Earth can help make a difference in many ways. Whether you start carpooling, use less electricity or you recycle your weekly newspaper, you can make a difference!

Parents can also be a huge influence on taking better care of our planet. We can start making eco friendly changes by just changing the way we shop and take care of our little ones! For some ideas, continue reading below.

1. Clothing: First of all, recycling is one of the best ways to save our planet. Meaning whether you recycle a newspaper, your pop bottles or your clothing, you’re making a difference. Save some money and help out the planet by recycling clothing. Use the same clothes on your second child as you did for your first. Or, give or receive hand me downs from a friend or family member.
2. Diapers: Diapers are something babies go through constantly. Which also means it’s something that is wasted and thrown away constantly. If you haven’t thought of this already, consider using cloth diapers or recycled/organic diapers. They are usually cheaper and work just as well!
3. Entertainment: Entertaining your little one probably isn’t too hard. Just be sure to find the right entertainment for them. Skip baby TV, video games and computer games. Instead, get them outside, playing and running around. This is a healthier lifestyle for both your child and our planet.
4. Baby food: If you’re breastfeeding, you’re making an excellent choice. Not only is it healthier for your baby, it is also cheaper and better for the environment as well! When we can make or create our own baby food there are endless benefits. When your baby starts eating actual baby food you can even buy organic produce and blend your own food. This is once again, a healthier and more eco friendly way of feeding your baby.
5. Organic: Buy organic as often as possible. Whether you’re against all the pesticides on the produce, or all the chemicals and dyes in clothing, you have the option to avoid them. Organic is the way to go and the way to healthier you and planet!

All the little things people do on a daily basis really add up over time! Start taking action and better care of your child while helping the environment!

About the author: Lauren is a stay at home mom that runs http://www.findmycarseat.com, in her spare time. She likes to blog, keep active and enjoys traveling.

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