5 Green Tips for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is not necessarily something that you need to do at a gym or by using expensive equipment. There are a number of weight loss tips that can help you lose weight the green way. These tips are taken from everyday life activities and habits and they are easy to perform by everyone at zero cost both to your budget and environment. So, don’t lose any more time and go green by following these natural weight loss methods.

1. Sleep more

Everybody knows that sleep is beneficial for beauty, what a lot of people don’t know is that sleep is also important for weight loss. During the time you rest and sleep the body has the opportunity to carry out the digestion process, metabolize carbohydrates and break down fats. This is also the reason why it is important to eat light at night so that your body has enough time to perform the operation. Many studies proved that people who sleep at least for 7 hours at night they have less chances of becoming overweight than people who sleep less.

2. Organic milk

Drinking a glass of organic, low fat milk per day can accelerate both the weight and fat loss processes. The quantities of calcium found in milk help metabolism which in turn increase both the calorie and fat burning process. Various studies showed that people who took 3 glasses of milk (from grass-fed cows) per day experienced better weight loss results than people who did not follow this pattern. Make sure that you start and finish your day with a fresh glass of milk. It’s not difficult to get into this habit and the advantages to your health and weight loss efforts are a lot.

3. Spicy up your food

Did you know that adding spices to your food can help you eat less? It is true that by adding spices (onions, garlic, hot peppers, and horseradish) to your food can help you lose weight because you are eating less food. Spices will make the food tastier and this will give you the feeling of fullness faster. Also spices can help you drink more water which is very important for a healthy weight loss. It should be noted though that you should try and avoid salt or artificial spices because these tend to promote water weight gain.

4. Sex

A lot of studies examined the role of sex in weight loss and they all agree that it is one of the exercises you can do to lose weight naturally. During sex the heart beat is increased, blood circulation is improved and a lot of different body muscles are exercised. In other words it is one of the best cardio exercises which can help you burn up to 250 calories per half hour. If you think about it, sex is probably the greener way to lose pounds.

5. Laughing and laughter

Laughing has a lot to offer to your health and wellness. The Japanese appreciate the benefits of laughing and have special classes where people go there just to have a good laugh. Besides calming the nerves and making you feeling better laughing can help you lose calories and tone up your belly muscles. It is found that 10 minutes of laughing corresponds to 50 calories which is equivalent to 15 minutes of walking. So know you have 50 more reasons to laugh and enjoy your life!

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