5 Educational and Eco-Friendly Toys for Children

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Without batteries, a great deal of modern children’s toys and gadgets are destined for the dustbin. Billions of batteries are bought and tossed each year. If not recycled, the heavy metals in batteries cause pollution in waterways and leave behind acids and lead in the soil. What if children’s toys could be fun, educational and eco-friendly? That would be a seemingly small but important step in teaching children how to keep the environment cleaner and healthier. Here are five new educational and eco-friendly gadgets that provide all the fun without the waste.

1-h2go-fuel-cell-car-150x150-9849891The H2Go Fuel Cell Car is a remote-control vehicle that’s completely powered by hydrogen fuel. So if you have sun and water, your car will go. Even the remote doesn’t need batteries. For 8-year-olds and up, this is a futuristic, miniaturized version of authentic vehicles that run on renewable, zero-emission fuel. It’s a science project and RC vehicle in one.

2-solar-insect-theatre-150x150-8081684The Solar Insect Theatre focuses on the natural world and its smaller inhabitants. Powered by solar-charged batteries during the day, the Theatre automatically lights up at dusk to attract moths, lacewings and butterflies. Insects can fly in and out at will and there’s a side door so your junior biologist can draw more creatures in by placing branches and other natural matter inside. At dawn, the Theatre shuts itself off. It’s a handsome backyard feature, made of timber, and ready for mounting in a warm, partially sunny spot in your garden.

3-the-solar-powered-bamboo-dollhouse-150x150-7398824Future green homeowners, ages 3 and up, will be pleased with the Solar Powered Bamboo Dollhouse. Rooftop solar panels soak up enough energy to power several LED lights throughout the house. The three-story structure is made entirely from sustainable bamboo, and includes furnishings, décor, dolls and a fine-looking spiral staircase. Like a lot of dollhouses, it?s a bit pricey, but built to last and the pretend-play possibilities are nearly endless.

4-6-in-1-solar-robot-kit-150x150-3801587Builders and engineers have several options with the 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit. Its multiple plastic pieces begin as a tiny robot that can be re-made into a moving boat, plane, windmill and more, including a puppy. The solar panel is powered by the sun or a halogen light bulb, for days when the sun isn’t as readily available.

5-solar-lunar-car-kit-150x150-2626438The balsa-wood model kit just got solarized as well. The Solar Lunar Car Kit has pre-cut balsa wood pieces that assemble with a gearbox and battery hookup. The solar panel powers up the gearbox allowing the lunar car to roll across any flat surface. This kit is best suited for older kids who have the patience to work with a tiny wiring circuit, motor and switch. Choose battery or solar power and in the name of science and the future of transportation, see what happens.

I hope these eco-friendly childrens toys piqued your interest. This article is a guest post by Dan Harrison who reviews useful eco-friendly gadgets such as the NIX X10A Energy Saving Digital Photo Frame and the Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot.

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