5 Eco Friendly Ways to Light Up Your Home

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One of the easiest ways to help green your life can be done by simply taking a look around.  Is the lighting in your house green?  If not, it’s probably time to consider adjusting the ways you light your home so it can become more energy efficient, not only helping green the environment, but putting some green in your pocket as well!

Here are some ways you can green your light usage:

1.  Get more Windows

While this may not be the cheapest option, getting more windows in your home allows you to bring in more natural light throughout the day, eliminating the need to use electricty for lighting.  It’s amazing how a few extra windows can really brighten up a house.  Right now, at my house, we don’t even use any lights during the day because it’s just not necessary!

2. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

If you haven’t already, you should check out Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.  These are those funny looking bulbs that look like swirls.  If you check out the link above, they’re just as bright as traditional 60 kWh bulbs, but use far less energy.  This will put extra money in your pocket!  Also, they’re guaranteed to last 5 years, so if they fail before that, you can get them replaced for free!  We have some of these in my home and they’re great, we haven’t had to replace any of them yet.

3. Use Dimmers or Motion Sensors

You’d be surprised at the amount of energy you can save if you use a dimmer or a motion sensor.  Having a dimmer ensures that you’ll only use as much light as you need, and nothing more.  This saves you on electricity and bulb life.  Using a motion sensor to turn on lights can ensure that you’re not using any lights that you don’t need, and they’ll automatically turn off for you when you’re out of the room, saving you from wasting energy.

4. Solar Lights

Have you ever driven or walked by a house and seen solar lights?  It’s surprising how many people don’t think about harnessing the power of the sun!!  With these solar lights you have the benefit of using only solar energy for your outdoor lights, which are exceptionally long lasting due to the LED lights they use instead of traditional bulbs.  LED lighting is extremely energy efficient while providing a great bright light.  Having these can eliminate the need for that motion sensor light in your driveway, which may end up wasting energy when animals come by.

5.  Use Candles

If you’ve used candles before, you know that they can be a fairly bright, warm way of lighting your home.  What’s great is that they can provide the little amount of light that you might be looking for, without having to worry about electricity.  They’re great for any time you need a little mood lighting, or for those dark winter nights.  To become extra green, you can check out these candles, which we featured just a little while back!

If you use these tips, you’ll be seeing the savings in your bills in no time, and feel great about helping to green the environment!  I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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