3 Great Green Topics

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I follow many green blogs and have for years. Some create posts based on eco news and others just general topics, so when I find really good green news I love to share it with everyone who is trying to be greener. We all can use a good dose of information and here is this weeks roundup of sustainable and eco blog topics!

Here are 3 Excellent Green Topics across the web this week.

ea-1444529Over at the Good Human a topic this week featured 9 ways to use essential oils in place of place of toxic chemicals. Learn a fw different ways to use essential oils in your home in place of toxins.

Earth Wise Life Wises Sustainable Food – You are what you eat! gave real information on sustainable food. Many people hit the grocery stores and stock up on what they think is healthy or good eating and have no clue what is really in the foods they feed their family. This article looks into the truth of food production processes.

In observance of Halloween right around the corner, Tree Hugging Family shared some healthy and fun Halloween treats! If you are looking for ways to help the kiddos eat healthier snacks, check out the great ideas!

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