15 Ways to Be Green in College

by admin

As a college student, you’re soon going to find out that many students, as well as colleges are going to encourage you to go green. Not only is it a great thing to do, you’re going to save the environment, as well as make a difference.

I wanted to list 15 ways on how you can start going green when you’re attending college. Now, you don’t have to go to college in order to do a few of these, but they should give you a fairly good idea.

Always recycle: This is a no brainer. Most college campuses today have a recycling bin. Start recycling everything from paper to plastics.

Save your paper: When you’re in class, you’re going to use a lot of paper. I would make sure that you take it to a bin, rather than tossing it.

Consider recycling your electronics: Items such as your cell phone, calculator, and more can be donated / recycled!

Reuse items: Let’s say that you have a perfect computer that works. Instead of tossing it, try and sell it online. People even buy broken items.

Get used textbooks:p We all like new, but when you re-use a used textbook, not only are you saving, you don’t have to purchase a new book.

Buy green items: There are so many items today that are made from recyclable materials. Try and find these items.

Don’t use plastic bottles: Many people are making the pledge to avoid using plastic water bottles. Instead of carrying around a bottle, consider using a reusable cup and also use filters for getting your water.

Use a reusable bag: We all know that you get tons of plastic bags when you go to the grocery store. Try and use reusable bags whenever you go. Some stores will even give you credit.

Maximize your laundry: Don’t just throw a few shirts in when you’re ready to wash. A full load is going to make the washing cycle worth it.

Watch your shower time: Water wastes energy as well as water. Save gallons of waters on an annual basis by cutting your showers down by a few minutes.

Avoid the A/C: Yes, it can get hot in some points of the world. Try your best to use fans, as well as open up some windows.

Avoid the lights: If you don’t have to use the lights, don’t use them. Use the natural lights as much as possible.

Use an e-book: Textbooks, as well as books waste a lot of paper. Consider items such as the Kindle and Nook for reading your books.

Watch what you print: I knew in college that I printed a lot of junk. Before you head to that printer, ask yourself if you really need to print that page.

Walk as much as possible: Most college campuses are walking friendly. Try your best to walk to your destination, rather than drive.

The list can go on and on. What you’re going to want to do is just play it smart. Most of the times, you’re going to know if it’s bad for the environment. Use these tips, as well as hundreds of others. Together, we can all change the world one person at a time!

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