10 Ways to Go Green

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Here at GoGreenStreet.com we not only help you save the Environment and Save you money we also save you time. Many people think going green is  hard task, when really, living green can be pretty simple!

Here are 10 Simple Tips Anyone Can Do To Start Living Green:

Do not use electric toothbrushes: Forgo that battery powered toothbrush for the more eco friendly manual toothbrush. Saves on batteries and your teeth are still clean.

Check out your razors: Stop throwing the disposable razors into the trash!Take a look at the Preserve® Triple Razor, an eco-friendly recycled disposable razor.

Use a steel thermos for water: Do you know how much plastic we use on a daily base and that a majority of it never makes it to a recycling plant, leaving it to sit there for years (20 plus). Put your water into a steel thermos. It’s easy to clean and it keeps your water colder anyway.

Hot water heater blankets: When your feeling sore or under the weather or even just cold. Forget the electric blanket and just heat up one of your favorite beverages.

Staple less: Instead of using the tiny pieces of metal that add up to lots of waste, this ingenious little device joins your papers by punching a small, neat hole in your documents and folding the remaining flaps together for a secure binding. No paper is torn off of your sheets and there’s nothing to toss out or pry apart with your fingernails.

Dry erase board for notes: No more post it notes for you. When you have something that must be remembered write it down an a dry erase board.

Nuts: Recycle nut(peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds) shells by grinding them up and putting them on your garden.

Replace Kitty Litter: Corn cobs that have been ground up instead of kitty liter: most cat litter isn’t the byproduct of another process. The clay used is purpose-mined using strip mining techniques.

Shop online: Save gas, reduce emissions and save some green.

E-statements: If we all switched over to electronic statements from our paper bills and we paid them over the net. We’d save time, money, gas, reduce emissions and free up the mail for more important things like junk mail…

By the way I also recommend signing up for any list that prevents junk mail. Saves paper and less of a headache.

Remember: Even if you take small steps to living a greener life, all steps count!

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