Thrifty Green Christmas Shopping Made Easy

thrifty-christmasThis Chritmas, instead of breaking the bank to buy the latest gadget and expensive toys, why not opt for recycled gifts?  Giving recycled gifts offers positive environmental benefits and regifting has become more acceptable with the current economic situation and the green efforts of many!

Thrift Town, a family owned business operating 15 thrift stores across the US, suggests doing some Thriftmas Shopping this Christmas and provides tips for thrifty gift giving.

Thriftmas Shopping: noun
1. the act of a person who explores for that perfect holiday gift at a thrift store.

10 Tips for Successful Thriftmas Shopping:
1. Create a shopping list of people to shop for and list out any special hobbies, interests, collections, clothing sizes, favorite colors, requested items, etc.
2. Shop “second” first. Venture out to the thrift store first to see any of the gifts on your list can be found, or to score that special treasure.
3. Before a recycled treasure is purchased as a gift, be certain the gift is something the recipient would enjoy and that he or she would appreciate a green gift. If they’re that sort of guy or gal, let them know the gift is green with a special green gift tag.
4. Thriftmas gifts must be clean and in excellent condition! Be prepared to use a little elbow grease to wash, polish, iron, fix, etc. these green gifts.
5. Mixing old and new is a great way to save some green and add some green to brand new gifts. Every secondhand purchase counts when it comes to being good to the environment and saving money. Idea: Add a thrifted ornament as part of the wrapping on a new gift- or even better, a bottle of wine that you are regifting. Now that’s one green gift!
6. Get crafty or bake! Make a project out of secondhand items like this kitchen canister set or these felted yarn balls. When it comes to gifting home-baked cookies or candy, pretty plates, platters, cookie tins, and bowls, hands down, make better gift containers than paper plates.
7. Don’t forget the trimmings! Thriftmas gifts must have pretty wrapping. Fabric bows, nice quality wrapping paper, recycled containers or wrapping such as baskets or vintage linens, as well as clear cellophane wrap really make these special gifts sparkle. Thrift stores are full of items that can help decorate a pretty package such as silk flowers and ornaments.
8. Give the gift of thrift by giving a thrift store gift card. Many thrift stores such asThrift Town offer gift cards in various amounts. Gift cards are a wonderful way to share the fun and excitement of thrifting with family and friends.
9. Find the best thrift stores nearby! Search the web for local thrift stores. Many thrift stores have websites with locations, driving directions, hours and even sale day information. To find the right store, read reviews on sites
10. Shopping secondhand is a treasure hunt, so be patient and enjoy the hunt.

Once you have found the perfect gifts, Thrift Stores provides printable gift tags for another way to save green ($$$) this holiday!

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3 thoughts on “Thrifty Green Christmas Shopping Made Easy

  1. These seem to be really good idea! I like them! I like the most the fact that they are unique and original and you can be sure that nobody else will make the same gift as you did.

  2. Great post that points out some frugal and green ideas for gift-giving. I love making craft items for gifts and your suggestions are very useful especially during this economically down time.

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