Green Decorating: Eco Friendly Kitchen Decor

Looking for a quick eco kitchen make-over? You do not have to re-design your entire kitchen for a fresh new green look. Adding eco-friendly kitchen decor and accessories can make a dramatic change in any kitchen. Adding new placemats, new lamp shade, a new wood tray or new recycled glass tableware can give any kitchen a facelift without the cost of completely redecorating.

Here are a few kitchen accessories to help give an eco-friendly kitchen a new look in no time!

eco kitchenRecycled Glass Dinnerware– As shimmering and vibrant as sunshine glistening off cresting waves, this recycled glass dinnerware instantly brightens the mood of any meal and kitchen table. This eco-friendly dinnerwae provides the works, from charger, dinner plate, salad plate to cereal bowl to dessert bowl and saucer and serving platters in various painted shades of blue, green, and clear glass. Sturdy, dishwasher-safe, and delightfully cheerful. Assorted bowls are turquoise, lime, red and orange.

Twig Flatware Place Setting Twig Flatware Place Setting– Bold, nature-inspired twig utensils meld a stainless steel working end to carved handles. Talk about an eco look! This set will accent any table setting and would look amazing with any color scheme. Aside from being a welcome departure from conventional flatware, these perfectly balanced implements fit comfortably in the hand.

The matching 11-1/4″ long servers add a distinctively natural design element on their own.

Slab Wood Cutting Boards (set of 3)Slab Wood Cutting Boards-The rounded edges and ovalshape of these three graduated mango wood cutting boards suggest stones worn smooth by rushing water and have a soft environment feel of nature.They can begin as functional cutting boards in the kitchen, yet they add their rustic warmth to a dinner or lunch tablesetting.

Substantial yet easy to transport, they’re sized to handle any job, small to large.

Black Stone Placemats (set of 4)Black Stone Eco-Friendly Placemats-– Hand-gathered and securely attached to netted backing, these natural stones serve as a neutral backdrop to a wide range of dinnerware and table setting choices. These eco placemats are not only unique but also a real eye catcher.

These earth inspired placemats are also available in Ochre Stone and White Stone to match any kitchen decor.

Root of the Earth Serving TrayRoot of the Earth Serving Tray– The uneven rim and naturally marked, swirling grain on our flat-bottom carved burlwood tray show off a rustic refinement that only nature can produce with such confident ease. Large hand grips ensure the steady transport of beverages, hors d’oeuvres and snacks

Each reclaimed wood piece is as unique as the green kitchen it gets used in.

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11 thoughts on “Green Decorating: Eco Friendly Kitchen Decor

  1. This article on ‘green decorating: eco friendly kitchen décor’ is easy to understand. The kitchen accessories can be low cost types which can allow you to save cash. Cavity barriers are easy to use.

  2. Try sourcing goods from local farmers markets and festivals. I was recently at a local food and wine fetival and found some beautiful hand turned wooden bowls. The wood turner could even tell you exactly where the tree was that the wood came from. and the best part, they were all a fraction of the price they would cost in the shops.

  3. Fab article. With modern eco friendly materials it is becoming more simple to slowly make changes in your kitchen. Painting is a great start and also discarding instruments, particularly plastic, that has little use in your day to day environment. Clearing out old cleaning materials is also another great approach to bringing your home into the fashionable eco home.

  4. Great article! I am an obsessed seeker of all things great and beautiful, yet they must be recycled or pre-loved. This is the most rewarding approach to home decorating and always a great talking point.

  5. I agree. We can begin slowly retro fitting our entire home. One solution is to obtain an efficiency audit. This will give you a good idea of where to begin. Also most countries offer a tax rebate, or refund when introducing green equipment into our homes.

    • Hi Ben,
      I also really love the tray! It would make the perfect table centerpiece filled with fruits! My favorite is the twig flatware . I did not mention it in my post but it is made from recycled metal.

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