5 “Green” Tips for a Kids’ Bathroom

While most parents want to keep their child’s bathroom from turning green, there are some ways that you turn an ordinary bathroom into an eco-friendly “green” one.  If harsh chemicals and artificial odors are not something that you want in your child’s bathroom, that is understandable.  Try one of the five tips below to help you create a safe indoor environment for your child, while also making sure that it is clean.

Air Quality

The air quality in any bathroom can be challenging to deal with.  One of the easiest ways to make it easier to breathe in the bathroom is to add green plants.  Since the bathroom is for children, make sure that the plants are out of their reach, especially if they are young.  Hanging baskets of ferns or other indoor house plants are ideal.  The plants should be able to thrive in low light and high humidity, as those are the conditions they will most likely experience. Houseplants add color, and help to filter out allergens and carbon dioxide.  High windowsills are also an option for plant placement, but be sure that children cannot tip the pots over


By all means, skip carpeting in any bathroom, and opt instead for bathroom mats and rugs over tile or vinyl floors.  Wall-to-wall carpeting will quickly become wet and moldy, which will contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere.  Tile is ideal; but because floors will become slippery, add mats to protect children from falling.  Bamboo mats are excellent choices, as they are eco-friendly.


Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and use common household finds to clean the children’s bathroom. Baking soda and vinegar can help remove tough stains in the bathtub and sink.  White vinegar and newspaper can quickly clean up mirrors and windows. Citrus cleaners and those that are formulated to be environmentally friendly are also good options for keeping the bathroom germ and dirt free.


A natural breeze into the kids’ bathroom is one of the best things that you can do for the space. This green, no-cost option helps the air exchange process.  Cutting down on mold and bacteria growth, even a slightly cracked open window will help let the steam and moisture from the room out.  A ceiling fan, if not installed, should be in every bathroom, but especially a children’s bathroom.


Paint the walls with a high-quality water and mold resistant primer, before applying a topcoat of low-odor paint.  This will help control mold growth in the room.  Choose a washable topcoat for easy clean-up.  If the paint in the room is old, be sure that it does not contain lead before you begin scraping off loose bits.

Creating a green bathroom for children is more about making sure that their environment is safe, than it is about adding the color green.  Nothing is more important than the children’s safety, so take every available precaution to keep them safe.  Eco-friendly products and cleaners can help you do just that.

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with Metal-Wall-Art.com and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with metal home decor and silver metal wall decor.

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5 thoughts on “5 “Green” Tips for a Kids’ Bathroom

  1. The bathroom is a place where your primary cleaning MO might be about controlling germs, and rightly so. But again, dil­igence and a reasonable amount of care will keep your bathroom sanitary and sparkly without having to bring in the heavy guns — disinfectants. For everyday cleaning in the bathroom, use baking soda liberally. Just sprinkle it on a damp sponge and wipe off dirty surfaces.

  2. I have bamboo mats in the bathroom but have found they’re a bit slippery when wet. I have resolved this issue with clear plastic non skid transfers on top of the mat. Works great and you can’t see them.

  3. These are all great ideas. I agree with Rebecca on carpet in a bathroom being a bad idea, kids bathroom or not. Love the idea of bamboo mats. Cleaning with common household finds is definitely a good choice, again, kids bathroom or not. Wonderful article.

  4. I have never understood why anyone would want carpet in a bathroom! I can just see a mold fest in action everytime I see it.

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